Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rubber Consultants can assist with all aspects of mixing, compounding and processing of rubber.
Rubber Consultants has the expertise to select the most appropriate polymer, including fluoroelastomers, HNBR and silicone, to meet service demands.
It can provide formulations for:
specific methods of manufacture
physical properties or specifications, for example strength, heat resistance, compression set, abrasion resistance
specific service conditions such as oil exposure and dynamic loads
Formulations can be designed by statistical experimentation with interpretation of the results. Assistance can also be provided in evaluating and developing mixing processes and downstream processing procedures. This capability extends to thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs).
Rubber Consultants can:
supply compound for pre-production trials
carry out prototyping and small-scale manufacture
Rubber Consultants' extensive facilities include a range of mixers and mills, calenders, extruders, injection moulding machines, autoclaves and presses.
Rubber Consultants also offers consultancy services in the following aspects of elastomer technology, including contract research:
Thermoplastic elastomers
Material properties
Latex research
The recognized expertise of Rubber Consultants' scientists has enabled it to conduct successfully contract research over a wide range of topics allowing clients to further their R&D programmes. This expertise includes experience in running large internationally-funded projects.
The keynote is flexibility; contracts are often drawn up as phased programmes with interaction to determine the transition from one phase to another or redefinition of the later phases as appropriate.
The benefits found by clients include:
expert assistance in devising the programme of work
access to a wide range of skills
availability of a wide range of measuring and characterization techniques
The services of Rubber Consultants are particularly suitable for clients wishing to out-source all or part of their R&D effort.

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